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For the past 20 years, Bedford Ride/CVACL has been serving Bedford Citizens with non-emergency medical transportation. Your gift will help cover the cost of transportation for older adults and persons with disabilities. Helping them to age in place.

Bedford Ride/Central Virginia Alliance for Community Living, Inc.
Mission Statement

Bedford Ride/CVACL mission is to support older adults and persons with disabilities to live with dignity in accordance with their own personal choice and strives to provide access to medical care for Bedford County citizens.


The organization's vision is for all individuals, regardless of age or disability; maintain independence, dignity, equal rights, and meaningful life based on their individual choice. Working within the mission and vision, under the auspices of CVACL, The Bedford Ride program improves the quality of life for older adults and persons with disabilities in Bedford County by providing transportation to access non-emergency medical services. Ultimately, Bedford Ride/CVACL strives to remove transportation barriers to medical care for older adults and persons with disabilities from the Bedford community by providing responsive non-emergency medical transportation to person with no other means of transportation (Medicaid recipients are not eligible for Bedford Ride services).

Overview of Services

Bedford Ride/CVACL provides non-emergency medical transportation (non-Medicaid) for individuals living in Bedford County that have no other means of transportation. Transportation is provided from the individual's home to medical facilities located in Franklin, Roanoke, Salem and Lynchburg. Transportation is provided by carefully vetted volunteers. Bedford Ride/CVACL has 20 wheelchair accessible vans and five cars that serve Bedford citizens.

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