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12801 Moneta Rd Unit A 

Moneta, Va 24121

Organization Details:


Children's Assistive Technology Services SML Gives 2023.jpg
Mission Statement

C.A.T.S. helps children with physical and developmental disabilities that affect movement, behavior, or communication have better health outcomes; participate more fully in school; engage socially; and achieve greater independence. We do this by refurbishing and redistributing donated assistive technology; educating pediatric clinicians, teachers, and caregivers; and advocating for responsive and responsible public health policy.

Message from Children's Assistive Technology Service

C.A.T.S. is truly thankful to the SML Community. You have turned a small garage-based nonprofit into an organization that can serve over one thousand children a year throughout the state of Virginia. You have been the reason children can improve development and achieve milestones to lead happy productive lives. Thank you!

Overview of Services

C.A.T.S. is a no cost provider of equipment to families of children with physical and intellectual disabilities, who cannot access needed equipment via insurance, Medicaid, expensive cost or trial purposes. Equipment such as wheelchairs, gait trainers, standing frames, bath seats, adaptive stroller, activity chairs, and communication speech therapy equipment.

Children's Assistive Technology Services SML Gives 2023.JPG
Children's Assistive Technology Services SML Gives 2023.png

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