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Southwest VA has one of the highest rates of free and reduced lunches, i.e. food insecure children.


During the school day meals are provided but on weekends there often is not enough food for the children. We provide multiple items for breakfast, dinner and snacks on the weekend for these children.

Food For Kids Weekend Pack-A-Snack
Mission Statement

To address food insecurity and promote learning and self worth for area children by providing weekend meals for students at Moneta, Montvale, Goodview and Huddleston Elementary schools, through the help of a a caring, supportive community .


To alleviate food insecurity for children in our schools.

Overview of Services

Every week of the school year, volunteers pack a bag of groceries which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner items along with snacks for children who are food insecure.  The bags are delivered to the schools each Thursday morning by additional volunteers, and are taken home by the children that same afternoon. Through a careful inventory and frugal purchase of food items, the cost per bag is less than $10. In the 2021-2022 school year we are averaging about 350 children per week. Recently, we added Staunton River Middle School, where we provide a small bag of items for the weekend that students may discreetly pick up as needed from the school counselor's office.

Our annual budget is approximately $120,000, funded entirely by donations.

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