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Reel Connections for Kids




P.O. Box 915

Hardy, VA  24101

Organization Details:


Reel Connections for Kids

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Mission Statement

The Mission of Reel Connections for Kids, Inc. shall be to provide opportunities for 

under-served children ages 8 through 12 to take part in fishing experiences that will connect the participants with fellow anglers while having the guidance of a professional Smith Mountain Lake guide.  Through participation in an enjoyable and educational fishing experience, the goal is for children to gain a useful skill, develop a lasting connection with the lake, gain an understanding of the need for conservation, and develop an appreciation for the need for safety on the water. 

A message from Reel Connections for Kids

There are many children in our community that miss out on experiences that we may take for granted, like spending time on the lake with a fishing rod in hand.  These children may be dealing with a disability or chronic illness, or the child’s family may be facing financial hardships.  Perhaps the child’s guardian is a disabled veteran who lacks the equipment and access needed to participate in fishing/boating activities.  Reel Connections for Kids believes that all of these children deserve an opportunity to enjoy the pleasure that comes from riding in a boat, learning to fish, spending time with other anglers, and providing family members with a fresh fish dinner.  Reel Connections for Kids wants to provide as many children as possible with an experience that will bring a smile to their faces.  Your generous donation will guarantee lots of smiles as our young anglers fish with professional guides, learn about water safety and conservation, and receive rods & reels and tackle boxes.  Please check out our Facebook page to see the smiles that were on display during our 2022 fishing event.  We are very grateful to SML Gives for the opportunity to share our mission and goals with you.  Thank you for any support you can give!

Overview of Services

Reel Connections for Kids provides a fun fishing experience that educates the kids about:

1) Water safety and the need to always wear life jackets when near the water.

2) Conservation to maintain and protect the fish habitat.

3) How to improve water quality. 

4) How to use the fishing equipment received so the kids can fish on their own at local creeks or ponds under the supervision of their guardians.

In addition to the “Take a Kid Fishing” event in May 2023, Reel Connections for Kids also hopes to provide:

Fishing/Casting Clinics

Fishing Activities for Veterans and Children/Grandchildren

Reunion Events for Participants

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