Your support allows us to provide needed services to children who are impacted by abuse and/or neglect. The agency couldn't offer all of our comprehensive services, if not for the support of our community. You are helping to change the life a child and you play an important role in protecting kids.

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Southern Virginia Child Advocacy Center
Mission Statement

To promote the well-being of children through prevention, education, treatment and advocacy.


Our highest priority is the well-being of children.

Overview of Services

Southern VA Child Advocacy Center offers a unique opportunity to engage the community in the prevention and treatment of family and community based violence. Through a comprehensive response by multiple agencies, the center provides support and resources to victims of abuse and/or neglect, as well as their non-offending caregivers. These services include facilitating community-based multidisciplinary teams and case management (putting systems together to discuss the case and managing the data); conducting forensic interviews (getting the details); coordinating medical assessments (identifying physical injuries); delivering mental health services (identifying the emotional wounds); offering family advocacy (supporting non-offending caregivers); providing judicial advocacy (CASA and closed circuit TV for testifying in court); and promoting our services through prevention and outreach within our community.

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